Comparison Between HCG Shots & Drops

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At the beginning, I would like to clarify the distinction in these two items. The HCG injections are pharmaceutical grade and prescribed by our full time staff physician. HCG drops are Homeopathic HCG drops.

HCG injections vs Sublingual HCG Drops

positive aspects

Hcg injections are effective as long as you are getting them at a reputable vendor. Homeopathic sublingual drops are diluted & as a consequence far less potent and sometimes even fake.
Ready Rapid absorption, no need to prepare mixtures.


It is placed below the skin with a very small insulin syringe. The sub-lingual drops are placed under the tongue.


They in most cases have expiration not have expiration dates.
Not last lengthy, must be properly stored


Infections, swelling and itching at the injection on occasion if the injections site is not cleaned. There is no danger of infection with sublingual drops with the exception of getting no hcg from it.

Side Effects

The injections can cause mild discomfort on rare occasion, swelling & cramps. No pain or cramps for the drops since you are likely just ingesting water.
Nausea, vomiting and dizziness are other potential symptoms with injections, diet drops low hcg content are why it is free of side effects.


The injections demand refrigeration. The homeopathic sublingual drops do not require refrigeration, water need not be refrigerated.


Particularly expensive if you visit a clinic, diet drops are less expensive but not very beneficial.
$ 300 to $ 400+ at a clinic or $139 from the best vendor in the USA, drops $ 70 to $ 100 per ounce for water.


Your purchase prescription for injections but that can be done online, no prescription required for hcg drops since they contain no pharmaceutical product.
You need to be attentive when mixing the ingredients of injections. Drops ready for use.

Presence of a physician

No for both as long as the proper information is given. Real hcg is a pharmaceutical product and DOES require a prescription, of course drops do not since it does not contain any hcg,


Mixing & injections might be confusing the 1st time. Drops are Simple to use

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