HCG Complex Review

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There are numerous HCG supplements on the market and not all of them are as effective as advertised; taking into account the fact that most HCG supplements will include their own dieting plans, selecting an appropriate HCG product is no easy task, with individual traits and attributes playing as much of a role in bringing about weight loss as the ingredients constituting a given HCG supplement.

HCG Complex 

Most HCG Complex reviews have suggested that the supplement, which utilizes a calorie restrictive diet very similar to Doctor Simeon’s original HCG diet, might be the most popular HCG product on the market today.

Owned by BioSource Labs LLC, HCG complex has a fairly solid track record with thousands of HCG clients who, having successfully achieved their weight loss goals, stand ready to support the HCG complex name.


HCH complex makes use of only the purest HCG hormones, this alongside a natural formula- which include ingredients such as L-Carnite, L-Arginine, Vitamin B12, panax quiquefolium, magnesium phosphate cell salts and focus Visiculosus to mention but a few- designed to target those areas of the body essential to weight loss.

The result is a drastic and positive impact upon one’s weight, with HCG complex reviews often complimenting the supplement for its ability to affect change without eliciting any negative side effects due to the absence of the sorts of noxious chemicals and stimulants that so many weight loss supplements tend to rely upon.

How it works

As many an HCH complex review will point out, the core ingredient of HCG complex is its pure human chorionic gonadotropin hormone; so naturally the product’s efforts will revolve around its ability to stimulate the hypothalamus.

Once stimulated the hypothalamus can compel the body to release its unhealthy fat reserves into the bloodstream from where they can be put to good use as nourishment. As with any HCG supplement, this process will not directly bring about weight loss, not without proper dieting and an appropriate reduction in one’s food consumption.

By reducing one’s calorie intake, the body is forced to rely upon fat mobilized within the blood stream, this need then initiating the release of abnormal fat reserves into the blood stream while lean muscle mass and healthy fat remains undisturbed.

HCG complex is also home to ingredients that will augment the fat burning process, balance the body’s PH levels and provide additional energy even while protecting muscle tissue.

Is it Safe?

While considerably popular, many an HCG complex review is often reluctant to recommend the product; the entire HCG dieting scheme as a whole has been known to attract a multitude of criticisms and detractors, not because of any negative side effects connected to its use, but because there is very little research and clinical trials to back it various claims.

Many a medical professional have cast doubt upon the promised effects of HCG complex, instead suggesting that any weight loss that might result can be largely imputed to the low calorie diet attached to the product, with the HCG hormone itself playing almost no role in the matter.

Is HCG complex safe? Most individuals are typically advised to approach the product tentatively, with its low calorie diet known for proving so restrictive that it could elicit negative health complications among certain individuals.

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HCG Complex is not for the fainthearted and only those that can meet the requirements of its dieting scheme can hope to lose weight in a timely manner. The critics are many, yet the number of positive voices standing ready to support HCG complex continues to grow.

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