Hcg diet sample recipe for lunch

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HCG is a hormone that has been converted to fluid and pills to help one lose weight. This hormone is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). It is produced in the placenta of women who are pregnant. Today, it is marketed as a weight loss drug that should be taken alongside a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). This diet is crucial to the working of the drug. Therefore, one should ensure that they stick to it to enjoy the benefits that are rapid weight loss. There are many ways through which one can structure their diet so that it is a VLCD. Sample recipes for VLCD lunches are described below.

Lunch recipe 1

You can have a low calorie lunch that consists of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. One way of combining these is by consuming 3 ounces of chicken that has been grilled and seasoned with sea salt. Moreover, it can be seasoned with garlic. On top of this, you can consume 3 ounces of cucumbers and a pair of Melba rounds. To top off the lunch, a medium sized orange is in order. This lunch has a low level of calories and will complement the HCG that you are consuming resulting in dramatic weight loss.

Lunch recipe 2

You can have a healthy, low calorie lunch by combining these ingredients. 3 ounces of a Tilapia fish fillet splashed with lemon and 3 ounces of vegetables that have been steamed. You can also add some lemon to the vegetables to add flavor. Also, for a good serving of vitamins, eat strawberries. The amount should be a generous handful. You need carbohydrates and starch in your diet as well. Therefore, 1 breadstick will satisfy this requirement sufficiently.

Lunch recipe 3

There are many ingredients that you can combine to come up with a low calorie lunch that will still pack the energy punch that you need. You can cook 3 ounces of lean ground beef patty. To this, you can add liquid aminos or if you desire, some soy sauce. To accompany the delicious beef, you can have an ounce of lettuce leaves and 2 tomatoes. The vegetables will give you a sound serving of vitamins. These are very important as you consume your HCG weight loss medication.

Lunch recipe 4

While consuming HCG weight loss hormone, it is important to eat a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) in order to maintain your weight loss. To achieve this, you can have a lunch consisting of 3 ounces of shrimp. You can add lemon juice to the shrimp to increase its flavor. Moreover, you can cook 3 ounces of asparagus to provide you with substantial vitamins. The asparagus should be seasoned a little to bring out the flavor properly. In addition to these, you can have half a grapefruit and one breadstick to complete the sumptuous low calorie lunch.


By following these recipes, you can lose weight in a healthy manner. Each of the recipes contains all the nutrients that your body needs. Combining these with the effects of the HCG, you can lose up to a pound of weight every day.

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